Alive More than human worlds

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Texts by: Mario Blaser, Alexander Brust, Tabea Buri, Till Förster, Taloi Havini, Alice Hertzog, Zainabu Jallo, Christian Kaufmann, Stephanie Lovász, Tevodai Mambai, Brian Martin, Réka Mascher-Frigyesi, Kaspar Müller, Marion Neumann, Alfred Priestly, Ursula Regehr, Michaela Schäuble, Anna Schmid, Lukas Straumann, Misa Sugahara, Rebekka Sutter, Beatrice Voirol, Rosine Vuille, Bradley Webb, Zep Edited by: Ursula Regehr, Rosine Vuille, Museum der Kulturen Basel Graphic Design: Eyeloveyou English September 2023, 196 Pages, 66 Ills. Paperback with flaps 308mm x 214mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5624-2

Life in its many forms is intertwined in manifold ways. Making the coexistence of different beings and worlds tangible through an exploration of objects, stories and works of art, this book shows that in many regions of the earth, our co-world is experienced as an animated being. Mountains and rivers are not just resources or backdrops to human endeavors, but powerful sources of life; plants and animals are not just food, but companions; ancestors and spirits influence everyday life. Understood in this way, local perspectives and alternative forms of social coexistence provide pathways to shared futures. A great variety of international authors tell stories of interwoven lives that invite us empathically and informed to rethink our relationships with the world.
EXHIBITION Museum der Kulturen Basel, from September 8, 2023