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Kunst um 1800
Kunst um 1800
Kuratieren als wissenschaftliche Praxis. Die Hamburger Kunsthalle in den 1970er Jahren
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Institution: Hamburger Kunsthalle
Edited by: Petra Lange-Berndt, Dietmar Rübel
Texts by: Petra Lange-Berndt, Dietmar Rübel, Werner Hofmann, Isabelle Lindermann, Johannes Grave, Klara von Lindern, Jenny Nachtigall, David Bindman, Inga Schwarz, Charlotte Klonk, Samira Yildirim, Magdalena Becker, Richard Taws, Gabriele Genge, Petra Kipphoff, Monika Wagner
Graphic Design: Eot. Lilla Hinrichs & Anna Sartorius
February 2024 , 440 Pages
288mm x 228mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5617-4
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The exhibition series Kunst um 1800, Art around 1800, revised our understanding of the history of European art, and sparked debates about the practice of curating and the social relevance of art that still resonate today. Realized in nine parts between 1974 and 1981 at the Hamburger Kunsthalle under the direction of Werner Hofmann, it focused in a groundbreaking way on the profound social, industrial and scientific changes at the beginning of the 19th century.
Art around 1800 was a research project, a curatorial experiment, a celebration of the visual arts, and a political statement. In the wake of West Germany’s developing democracy, it highlighted the power of art in the “Age of Revolution”. At its center were artists who broke with the conventions of their time: Ossian, Caspar David Friedrich, Johann Heinrich Füssli, William Blake, Johan Tobias Sergel, William Turner, Philipp Otto Runge, John Flaxman and Francisco Goya.

Documenting this highly influential exhibition series for the first time, numerous scholars from a background in art history and cultural as well as curatorial studies take a critical look at the post-1968 period, and offer new perspectives on this influential decade of experimentation.
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