Coverbild Easy Rider Road Book
Easy Rider Road Book
A Tour through the Wild and Inspiring Side of Bicycle Culture
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Edited by: Anke Fesel, Chris Keller
Graphic Design: Anke Fesel
September 2023 , 192 Pages , 160 Ills.
274mm x 208mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5570-2
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The Bicycle as a Utopia
Cycling is not just a form of locomotion. Bike culture is in constant interaction with fashion, music, design, politics and urban planning. Cycling is a way of life and a form of protest. The Easy Rider Road Book shows the wild, subversive side of cycling and the powerful bond it can create between people. It aims to inspire utopian thinking and show where the bike can take us. The pioneers of this new bike culture can be found in subcultures across the globe. In New York and Berlin, bike punks are building both fantastic and sustainable vehicles out of scrap metal and old bike frames. Riding a bike is a form of emancipation: When thousands of teenagers ride through London during BikeStormz, they are expressing their hope for a better future. Similarly, the Chilangos Lowbike Club’s Sunday rides through Mexico City are a symbol against violence. The bicycle is a promise of freedom. This book presents the bicycle as a vehicle for communal action that has the potential to change life in the city and, ultimately, the city itself.

Easy Rider Road Book from Hatje Cantz on Vimeo.

The MUSUKU, MUSEUM OF SUBCULTURES, is a Berlin-based project of artists and creatives. IT aims to reflect the enormous relevance of subcultures, to give space to their narratives, and to be a place of experimentation, discussion and discourse. The projects are conceived in collaboration with a diverse community as temporary exhibitions in changing venues as well as in the open street.
Easy Rider Bike Day
BikeArt Festival and Book Release Party,
Mero-Halle, Spreepark Berlin, August 27, 2023
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