Annette Kierulf and Caroline Kierulf To Make a World

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Texts by: Patricia G. Berman, Jorunn Veiteberg, Lotte Konow Lund Graphic Design: Modest, Daniel Bjugård English November 2022, 256 Pages, 170 Ills. Hardcover 318mm x 258mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5428-6
| Woodcut as Cultural Critique

Since the mid-1990s, Annette and Caroline Kierulf have practiced what they themselves call “woodcut as cultural critique”. Drawing on the medium's rich history as a means of communication and protest, the Norwegian artists strive to revive woodcut as a discursive tool. With subtle humor, the sisters use the visual reductiveness of the low-tech medium to critically reflect on the social, economic, and cultural changes shaping our high-tech societies. Incorporating references to pop culture and folk art, Caroline Kierulf's work explores the often overlooked aspects of everyday life, Annette Kierulf focuses on a feminist reinterpretation of the landscape genre. The publication provides insights into the artists' production and working methods, as well as their longstanding collaboration.

Oslo-born sisters ANNETTE KIERULF (*1964) and CAROLINE KIERULF (*1968) have played a major role the revitalizing of graphic art in Norway. Both studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Bergen, where they also work today. As independent artists they develop their works in an artistic dialog and have for many years collaborated on exhibitions in Norway and beyond.
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