Gonzalez Haase AAS 2021–1999 484–001

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Edited by: Judith Haase, Pierre Jorge Gonzales Graphic Design: Bureau Borsche English September 2022, 288 Pages, 700 Ills. Paperback 302mm x 236mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5094-3
| Pure Perfection

Bringing together twenty-two years and 484 projects in one book is a mammoth task. Especially when it involves the influential work of two icons of the design field. With their firm AAS, Pierre Jorge Gonzalez and Judith Haase quickly made design history. Their purist yet offbeat style has left its mark on built spaces across the globe, from large-scale art installations to retail stores and luxurious private dwellings. They focus in particular on a skillfully staged choreography of space and light. The distinctiveness of their style is also expressed in this magnificent illustrated publication. Committed to the aesthetics of social media, the book functions like a stream of fascinating impressions and experiments with exciting image breaks. True to their own style and always daring the new, the book shows and is a typical AAS project.

Gonzalez Haase AAS was founded in 1999 by JUDITH HAASE and PIERRE JORGE GONZALEZ. With their unique style, the Berlin duo quickly established themselves as a design firm that is in high demand around the world. Their select concepts have shaped the design of numerous museums, exquisite offices, and commercial spaces.