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Marius Glauer
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Edited by: Christian Ganzenberg
Texts by: Clara Brender, Simon Elson, Christian Ganzenberg, Lydia Korndörfer, Josephine Pryde, Gernot Seeliger, Stephen A. Worsley
Contributions: Diandra Donecker, Marius Glauer
Graphic Design: OFF OFFICE
Artist: Marius Glauer, Marius Glauer
English, German
October 2021 , 298 Pages , 150 Ills.
312mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5066-0
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| Sculptural Photography
Marius Glauer focuses his attention on the borderline between photography and sculpture. With his sculptural-based photography, he traverses the entire material and discursive range of what can be considered photography today. Glauer's camera takes an intimate and revealing look at his protagonists: glittering surfaces, objets trouvés, and flowers become hyperreal actors or monumental facades. As expansive, three-dimensional assemblages, his works simultaneously question the translatability of the world into the two-dimensional medium of photography. This monograph is the first to provide detailed insights into the artist's experimental oeuvre and presents the groups of works he produced over the course of the last decade. Concise texts accompany and position his oeuvre in the social and art-historical discourse.

MARIUS GLAUER (*1983) is a German-Norwegian artist. He studied with Josephine Pryde at the University of the Arts, Berlin, and at Parsons School of Art and Design, New York. His works have been shown in international institutions and exhibitions. He lives and works in Berlin and Oslo.
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