Photography to the Test of Abstraction / La photographie à l’epreuve de l’abstraction

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Graphic Design: Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt Edited by: Frac Normandie Rouen Texts by: Nathalie Giraudeau, Véronique Souben English, French November 2020, 224 Pages, 132 Ills. Hardcover 248mm x 166mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4771-4
| Abstract Photography?

Photography to the Test of Abstraction explores the multiple facets of the notion of abstraction in the field ofcontemporary photography. Based on an in-depth analysis of the works and texts from historians, this book proposes to reveal the challenges of this practice, leading us to revisitthe premises of photography in its most scientific aspects up to its most recent developments, which involve advanced technologies. Here, renowned artists such as Stan Douglas, Zoe Leonard, Thomas Ruff and Barbara Kasten meet photographers of the younger generation such as Laure Tiberghien, Sebastian Riemer, Anouk Kruithof or Hannah Whitaker and join in the blossoming of an inventive and captivating visual universe.
Frac Normandie Rouen
September 12.– December 6, 2020
Micro Onde – Centre d'Art de l'Onde
September 19.– November 2, 2020
Centre Photographique d'Île-de-France
September 26–Dezember 13, 2020