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Anton Ginzburg
Blue Flame: Constructions and Initiatives
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Texts by: Anton Ginzburg, Anastasia Osipova, Ksenia Nouril
Contributions: R.H. Quaytman, Charles Renfro, Meghan Forbes
Graphic Design: Anton Ginzburg /
Artist: Anton Ginzburg
December 2020 , 140 Pages
300mm x 220mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4676-2
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| Between the Past and the Present
It began with research into the myth of Hyperborea, followed by an exploration of the Aral Sea. Now Anton Ginzburg’s eye has been drawn to the epoch of Constructivism, concluding a fascinating trilogy of books. As an artist and a researcher, Ginzburg takes a critical look at the works of famous Constructivists such as Rodchenko, Tatlin, and the VkhUTEMAS. In their work he discovers the driving force behind their utopian ideas, along with the dangers and limitations of their ambitions. Ginzburg’s works emerge from his findings. They are inspired by, and revive, the aesthetics he found. Nevertheless, they maintain the sense of distance characteristic of commentary. As he did in the two previous installations, Ginzburg also poses questions about the process of “becoming”: What is the meaning of historical phenomena to the present time, and what form do they take today? Ginzburg’s sculptures, paintings, and videos are the impressive response.

ANTON GINZBURG (*1974, St. Petersburg) studied at the Parsons New School for Social Research and Bard College in New York. In his works historical issues and poetic processing intertwine. The first two volumes of this trilogy—At the Back of The North Wind and Walking the Sea—were published by Hatje Cantz.
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