Von Mougins nach Baden-Baden Frieder Burda und die Kunst

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Texts by: Bernadette Schoog Graphic Design: Kerstin Riedel German 2019, 228 Pages Clothbound 271mm x 204mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4560-4
| A life devoted to art

Von Mougins nach Baden-Baden (From Mougins to Baden-Baden) draws a portrait of a brilliant life in the arts: the life of Frieder Burda, who built one of the most unique collections of twentieth- and twenty-first-century art, which he presents in constantly new contexts in his museum in Baden-Baden. This richly illustrated volume effectively describes the path this man followed in life, pursuing his own ideas far from his family’s publishing dynasty. Burda returned to Baden-Baden from his adopted country of France to lay the foundation for his world-famous Museum Frieder Burda. Bernadette Schoog shows how events of the time influenced both the collector and the artists. This book tells the story of Burda’s life’s work and associations through some of the artists whose works are key to Frieder Burda’s collection.Frieder Burda was born in Gengenbach, Germany, in 1936, to the Burda publishing family. The entrepreneur has assembled one of the world’s most prominent private collections of contemporary art. Bernadette Schoog (*1958, Kevelaer, Germany) is a television host and an author.