Reparatur Anstiftung zum Denken und Machen

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Edited by: Silke Langenberg Preface: Klaus Kreulich, Hochschule München Contributions: Wolfgang M. Heckl, Silke Langenberg, Andres Lepik u.a. German, English 2018, 432 Pages, 305 Ills. Hardcover 173mm x 113mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4397-6
| Sustainable maintenance – encouragement and tutorials to repair objects

Who doesn't know this? Things, bought just now, break down after a short time. Reparability is not considered, spare parts are not available. What to do? Repair Cafés try to help, but there is actually a need to rethink the construction and production of things.In order to counteract this development and to sensitize for a more sustainable use of resources, a repair course has been initiated at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Concepts for the repair of various objects have been developed and conducted – by hand as well as by the help of digital fabrication tools. Some projects have already been exhibited and presented to the maker-scene at Make Munich, the biggest DIY-festival of southern Germany. This publication presents the whole spectrum for the first time. It doesn't only want to encourage thinking but also making – because exchange may not replace the concept of repair, neither in product design nor in the bigger scale of architecture.