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Eva & Adele
Wherever we are is museum
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Texts by: Paolo Bianchi, Robert Fleck, Renate Puvogel, Thomas Wulffen
German, English
March 1999 , 192 Pages
145mm x 145mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2979-6
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Most art lovers know who they are by now - Eva & Adele, who present the most bizarre things the art market currently has to offer: shaved heads, garish styling, heavy make-up, heavy jewelry, wings now and then, glamour and glitter. As androgynous flesh and blood sculptures they appear as artistic 'horrors' at every major art event, and travel round the world in their pink camping bus to attract 'ordinary people' on campsites, at motorway service areas or airports, like shimmering magnetic creatures from another planet. Wandering through the countryside like modern art nomads, they put up with all kinds of inconvenience to ensure the perfection of their daily performance. Emerging from the cramped yet superbly organised bus after at least two hours of making up, they present themselves to their fans, who admire the couple enthusiastically and take countless photos. In this book you can see Eva & Adele in the resulting Polaroids, in self-portraits and video stills, smiling down on those who haven't yet made their way to the world's campsites.
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