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Wolfgang Laib
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Edited by: Carré d'Art, Musée d'art contemporain de Nîmes
Texts by: Guy Tossato
March 1999 , 104 Pages
245mm x 285mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2976-5
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Since the 1970s Wolfgang Laib has created an oeuvre of impressive resonance and great variety, largely removed from the traditional aesthetic models of the last few decades. The man and his work cannot be categorised - not his career, nor his points of reference, nor his involvement in art. Laib's works require a new way of seeing, a glimpse beyond the general observations we use to give each thing its name and function. They require a different kind of timespan, in which time no longer goes by the clock but is determined by the seasons and human age. An old, universal legacy is revived in his work: the ability to marvel at the beauty of nature. This book, with a thought-provoking text and a large numbers of photos by Wolfgang Laib, provides an intensive survey of his work - from the first "Milk Stones" to his "Pollen Works", and right up to the "Rice Houses", "Wax Rooms" and "Wax Ships" of the eighties and nineties. (English edition out of print ISBN 3-89322-978-7) The artist: Wolfgang Laib, born 1950 in Metzingen. Laib is completely self- taught and has never formally studied art. After studying medicine and passing the state examination he decided not to become a doctor, but to concentrate on sculpture. Numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, including participation in the documenta VII and VIII in Kassel and the Venice Biennale in 1983 and 1997. Lives and works in southern Germany.
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