Coverbild Die Kunst für das 21.Jahrhundert
Die Kunst für das 21.Jahrhundert
Entwurf einer Gegenwelt
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Edited by: Pezoldo (Friederike Pezold)
German, English, French
December 1995 , 224 Pages , 0 Ills.
300mm x 220mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2812-6
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Those who believe that mainly new technologies are discussed in this book are mistaken because these are being discussed by everyone else. The contents of this book are above all the lingterm consequences of the new technologies which will become more and more visible in the 21st century, and to which the art in this book answers with criticism, but above all, and this is the most difficult point, with alternatives, by creative the design of a counterworld. For the future and for humankind it will be more and more important to see this art because it answers the complex questions of how the environment, the human being, the woman, the goddess, the body, sex, love, and religion will be in the 21st century, and answers them in an equally complex way by means of drawings, photos, a new kind of painting called »Slow Painting«, picture objects, and video sculptures ... alternatively, innovatively, and pointing to the future in the 21st century, like no other art does. (pezoldo)
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