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Sol LeWitt
100 Cubes
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Edited by: Cristina Bechtler, Charlotte von Koerber
German, English
January 1996 , 202 Pages
310mm x 206mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2753-2
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With this publication Sol LeWitt fulfills his long-cherished wish: the painterly implementation and variation of the cube, his preferred geometric structure. This artist book contains the testing of 100 possible color variations in series.
In the works of the American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, simple geometric or stereometric basic forms are arranged into series format. Variations of a particular structure are not his objective, rather he is interested in a multiplicity of structures. With this publication, Sol LeWitt fulfills a long- cherished wish: the painterly implementation and variation of his preferred geometric structure, the cube. The content of this artist book is the serial play through 100 possibilities of color variations in the constant form of a cube. Starting with the primary colors yellow, red and blue, single colored layers are laid one on top of the other up to twelve times. In this way, series of intense, delicate nuances and shades of the entire color spectrum emerge. The artist: Sol LeWitt, born 1928 in Hartford, Connecticut. Studied art at Syracuse, New York from 1945-1953. Graphic artist in the architectural firm of I. M. Pei from 1955-1960. Designer at the Museum of Modern Art, New York from 1960-1965. Exhibition of Walldrawings 1968-84 at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 1984.
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