Rosemarie Trockel ANIMA

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Edited by: Prof. Peter Noever Texts by: Elfriede Jelinek, Holger Liebs, Marietta Franke German, English Januar 1994, 72 Pages, 79 Ills. Softcover 241mm x 153mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-658-0

Designed by the artist herself, this publication focuses primarily on her video works o0f the nineties. Rosemarie Trockel began working with the medium of film in 1993, pursuing the line of development that had begun with her sculptures and objects. Her most famous works are her knit images. Her videos are concerned with people and animals, as in the slow-motion video entitled Out of the kitchen into the fire (1993), in which a female nude viewed from the rear lays an egg filled with black ink. Bizarre constellations and sequences reveal a certain irony in these works. Rosemarie Trockel's precise observations of natural processes, her use of materials, which she alters, reinterprets and places in unusual and surprising contexts, make her a very interesting contemporary artist. Rather than producing new "images" herself, she has the capacity to generate new images in the mind of the viewer.