Kurt Weidemann Wo der Buchstabe das Wort führt. Ansichten über Schrift und Typographie

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German April 1994, 368 Pages, 1000 Ills. Clothbound 336mm x 254mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-521-7

These "Opinions on Type and Typography" are the impressive results of decades of active and reflective professional life as a typesetter, typographer, author, and consultant. The transformation at the outset of the digital era is brought to light in critical and ironic commentary backed up by exclusive illustrations. The significant developments of half a millennium are laid out from the author's extensive collection, with special focus on the outgoing century. All the way from hot-metal composition to the notations of a post-alphabetical age, the formation of the word is entrusted to type. Weidemann contrasts the diverging paths of ways, means, values, and expression with the foundations of a more secure future for typography.