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March 1998 , 172 Pages
227mm x 205mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2413-5
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Things presents 75 everyday objects in all their simplicity and clarity, starting in the 17th century and coming right up to the present day - from A to Z and beginning with A for Automobile... from a wooden cupboard by an unknown 17th century carpenter to the Philips bulb of 1910, from a Junghans watch for Max Bill to a Philippe Starck television. Many of these everyday objects have become timeless design classics in their own right even when their designer or creator is otherwise little known. Each of the objects is illustrated and described in 12 languages - conventionally and phonetically. The appendix includes details on all the ?Things?: year of production, maker (as far as these are known), client, measurements and materials.ì A book with a myriad of surprises and ideas for the 'fully- fledged enthusiast' but also - and most suitably - for children. While Things is its own short history of design it is also the perfect book for making new discoveries and renewing old acquaintances. NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR COMPANY OUTSIDE GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND AND SCANDINAVIA.
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