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Ute Wrede
Mohn und Gedächtnis
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Texts by: Katrin Greiser, Ute Wrede
German, English
June 1999 , 64 Pages
201mm x 155mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2364-0
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The railroad line from Weimar to Buchenwald was built by prisoners from the Buchenwald concentration camp in just a few months in 1943. After the war, the line was decommissioned, plowed under and buried under new construction. The railroad ties were converted into steps for small gardens and the sections along the "Prinzenschneise" were used as a manoeuvre route. In Ute Wrede's project for the exhibition initiative "Light on Weimar" sponsored by Weimar 1999 - Kulturstadt Europas GmbH, the old Buchenwald railway line was brought to light again in a carefully executed effort involving the sowing of poppy seeds. When the poppies were in bloom, the flowers s along the planted sections brought the railroad line to view once again. Barely discernible before, the path of the railway became appeared as a red strip for a brief period of time. The artist: Ute Wrede, born 1961; lives and works in Hanover.
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