Coverbild Thomas Grünfeld
Thomas Grünfeld
Déformation Professionnelle
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Edited by: Udo Kittelmann
Texts by: Udo Kittelmann, Kathrin Lutz
German, English
May 1999 , 32 Pages , 0 Ills.
289mm x 220mm
ISBN: 978-3-8932-2358-9
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Thomas Grünfeld and fashion genius Rei Kawakubo distort what is considered beautiful into a different, unfamiliar kind of beauty.
"It's only worth showing things that have never existed." This is how Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo describes the philosophy of her provocative padded clothes. They shake up the notion of a single, naturally-endowed form of the body. This is also what marks out the work of the artist Thomas Grünfeld from Cologne: his "misfits", combinations of specimens from different animals, portray interventions into the original form of real living creatures that are sometimes funny and sometimes crude. His "Gummis", amorphous ground sculptures covered with natural rubber, are reminiscent of the soft forms of original life before the division into plants and animals. The destruction of existing forms and their transformation into things that look completely new and unique, the distortion of what is considered beautiful into a different, unfamiliar kind of beauty - this links Grünfeld with Rei Kawakubo and her fashion label Comme de Garçons. This book presents works by Thomas Grünfeld and Rei Kawakubo, creating a kind of exotic menagerie in which highly artistic hybrid animals, amoeba-like rubber reliefs and sculptural fashion formations display the game of dressing-up, the game with the second skin.
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