Harald Klingelhöller Alle Metaphern werden wahr Skulpturen 1986-1997

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Edited by: Ulrich Wilmes, Lenbachhaus München German, English November 1997, 192 Pages, 177 Ills. Clothbound 235mm x 301mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-353-4

Since the late seventies Harald Klingelhöller has been exploring the connections between linguistic formulations and plastic forms. In the early eighties his sculptures could generally be read as derivations of verbal metaphors. These were then followed by sculptural constructions that were increasingly made up of actual letters. These letters, generally taken from the title of the work, were used to create simple forms and constructive elements which were then stacked, or laid against each other or against the walls. In the nineties the configurations of the different elements become more complex and the materials more varied. Klingelhöller never releases his sculptures - whose titles literally constitute part of the plastic form itself - from their connection with words: their "visual legibility" creates the "fiction" of the "realisation of language." (Klingelhöller) This volume documents the development of Klingelhöller's work over the last ten years and includes an illustrated index of his sculptural works from 1979 to 1997. The artist: Harald Klingelhöller, born 1954 in Mettmann. 1987 participated in ?Skulptur, Projekte in Münster? and 1992 in documenta IX in Kassel. Lives and works in Düsseldorf.