Ian Hamilton Finlay Prints 1963-1997 Druckgraphik

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Edited by: Dr. Rosemarie E. Pahlke, Pia Simig German, English 1997, 284 Pages, 309 Ills. Hardcover 275mm x 253mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-341-1

Ian Hamilton Finlay is one of the most important British artists of his generation. He has installed sculptural works completed on the basis of his models by other artists and craftspeople in their own "handwriting" in a number of public and private parks, gardens and buildings throughout Europe since 1972. Language and the printed word are the source and the heart of his art. Thus his own publishing company, founded as the Wild Hawthorn Press in 1961, in which Finlay has since published more than a thousand prints, books, brochures, cards, etc., is an essential part of his oeuvre. This publication presents all of his prints from 1963 to the present to the public for the first time as a works index. As the artist seldom signs or numbers his limited editions, this catalog, designated as a "bibliography", represents an indispensable reference work for museums and private collectors alike. Pia Simig, assistant to the artist for many years, has identified and compiled Finlay's numerous and diverse prints in a systematic manner. Rosemarie E. Pahlke, Deputy Director of the Museum am Ostwall Dortmund, provides an introductory overview of Finlay's life's work and underscores the significance attributable to the artist's works on paper within his complete oeuvre. The artist: Ian Hamilton Finlay, writer, philosopher and sculptor, born 1925, Bahamas. A self-taught artist, he attended the Glasgow School of Art sporadically. First poems and short stories appeared during the 1950s. Established the Wild Hawthorn Press in 1961. Moved to an old farm southwest of Edinburgh in 1966, which he has since developed and expanded into a landscape garden, a gesamtkunstwerk known as "Stony Path/Little Sparta".