Mischa Kuball Sprach Platz Sprache

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Edited by: Ulrich Krempel Texts by: Ulrich Krempel German, English 1999, 40 Pages, 17 Ills. Softcover with audio-cd 200mm x 155mm
ISBN: 978-3-89322-255-1

Within the context of the exhibition project "Light on Weimar" sponsored by the Weimar 1999 - Kulturstadt Europas GmbH, Mischa Kuball chose a central space in the classical city as the site for his installation: the inner courtyard of the former Weimar Gauforum (District Forum). This undefined square in the middle of the city, which serves as a parking lot today and thus unconsciously reflects the historical ordering structures of the surrounding hierarchical architectural configuration, was altered with the aid of light and language. A spotlight beam illuminated the area in a pattern of random movements. The square was transformed into a stage through the motion of the light. The surrounding urban space and the traffic flowing by became mere background elements of a new place. This space, often experienced as non-space within a small-city ensemble gained the dimension of a different level of experience that is at once historical and utopian. Yet the temporary intervention did not seek to "improve" upon the existing situation but to emphasise the utopia of a different way of dealing with this place, its history and its present. The artist: Mischa Kuball, born 1959 in Dusseldorf; 1990: awarded the "Förderpreis ars viva" by the Kulturkreis im BDI, Cologne; 1991: grant for contemporary photography from the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Stiftung, Essen; 1993: "Förderpreis Bildende Kunst" from the state of North-Rhine Westfalia; 1996: work grant from the Kunstfonds e. V. Bonn; 1997: grant for work in New York from the Stiftung Kunst und Kultur, NRW, Dusseldorf; grant for work in Brazil and Japan from the Ministry of Family Affairs, Urban Development and Culture, North-Rhine Westfalia, Dusseldorf; 1998: exhibited a work as the German contribution to the 24th São Paulo Biennial.