Unter der Haut Transformationen des Biologischen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst

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Edited by: Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg Texts by: Cornelia Brüninghaus-Knubel, Dr. Söke Dinkla, Renate Heidt Heller, Werner Bartens, Christoph Brockhaus German, English 2001, 136 Pages, 74 Ills. Softcover 270mm x 212mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-9071-0

Although the techniques of biotechnology have already widely infiltrated our everyday lifes, we only ever seem to react to (food) scandals that affect our immediate environment. Contemporary artists, on the other hand, have over the last ten years and more shown a much greater sensitivity towards developments in biotechnology. They have produced images of humans and animals that can be as abstract and fantastical as they are grotesque and monstrous - images that both attract and repel, which may seem clear yet are confusing because they question the fundamental relationship between body and mind, unsettling our accepted notions of what we are. With sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and electronic pieces by 17 internationally renowned artists - including Jake & Dinos Chapman, Ken Feingold, Thomas Grünfeld, Via Lewandowsky, Tony Oursler and Cindy Sherman - this volume traces the transformations, manipulations and constructions realised by artists in the 1990s using some of the same techniques and methods - and risking the same dangers - as modern biology and genetics.