Zoltán Glass Speed and spirit

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Edited by: Dr. Thomas Buchsteiner, Wolfgang Rolli Texts by: Dr. Thomas Buchsteiner, Amanda Nevill, Wolfgang Rolli German, English September 2000, 104 Pages, 114 Ills. Hardcover 336mm x 254mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-9050-5

In the more than 150 years of history of the photographic image, Zoltán Glass - one of the "most well-known unknown" photographers - belongs among the very few in his profession who succeeded in describing a topic with photographs showing a sure sense for the unity of a story and a high degree of sensibility for Cartier- Bresson´s "decisive moment", the right time for pressing the shutter. This picture book features a selection of more than 100 - most of them previously unpublished - race and car pictures photographed by Zoltán Glass on behalf of Daimler-Benz on the Berlin Avus, the Nürburgring, automobile fairs, at the studio for advertising purposes, or on the street. The pictures are characterized by an atmospheric density as well as situational humour and spontaneity, taking the viewer back to the time of the legendary Silver Arrows for a short time. The photographer: Zoltán Glass (Budapest 1902-1981 Roquebrune). After some years in Hungary as a painter and cartoonist, Glass moved to Berlin in 1925 where he worked as a picture and art editor and began with his photographic work. In 1930, establishment of the agencies Reclaphot (advertising photography) and Autophot (automobile photography). In 1936, emigration to London. At the beginning of the war, Glass handed over of his camera to the British government. In 1948, return to photography and British citizenship. Focus on advertising and magazine photography, with which he earned himself a name well beyond England. In 1962, move to Roquebrune, South of France.