Christoph Rihs ERRATATANZT!

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Dieses Buch ist leider vergriffen

Edited by: Ulrich Krempel Foreword: Ulrich Krempel Texts by: Frank Hermenau, Karl Schawelka German, English Januar 2000, 64 Pages, 70 Ills. Softcover 200mm x 155mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-9019-2

Two negligible historic facts are the point of departure for the light installation ERRATA by Christoph Rihs. One concerns the so-called "Haus Stadt Weimar", a former clubhouse of crossbowmen and later a cinema, in which - on the occasion of the first NSDAP party convention in 1926 - the Hitlerjugend is said to have received its name. The second refers to the former concentration camp Majdanek in Poland: After a visit to the camp, which housed mostly women and children, one witness related that there were butterflies scratched all over the walls of the common rooms. This book in the Cantz Series presents the Weimar light installation by Christoph Rihs in form of a flip-book: As with the projections by the Swiss-born artist onto the façade of the "Haus Stadt Weimar", butterflies start rising up when the reader flips through the book. The artist: Christoph Rihs, born 1957 in Beirut, Lebanon, spent his youth in Switzerland. Studies at the Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf. Lives and works at Weimar and Dusseldorf.