Ugo Rondinone Guided by Voices

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Edited by: Beatrix Ruf, Kunsthaus Glarus, Jan Winkelmann, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig Texts by: Jan Avgikos, Beatrix Ruf, Jan Winkelmann und aus dem neuen Tagebuch von Ugo Rondinone German, English Januar 2000, 172 Pages, 390 Ills. Hardcover with supplement 312mm x 245mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-9006-2
Rondinone takes up the question of identity through his multimedia artworks. Guided by voices shows Rondinone´s work from the past six years.

Ugo Rondinone is one of the most important Swiss artists in the international contemporary art scene. In his fashion photographs he borrows the bodies of famous models, montaging his face into the original photo; sometimes he poses fashionably in a little black dress, sometimes lasciviously in synthetic furs. Echoing Rimbaud's "Je est un autre", he calls one series of these works I don't live here anymore. A hundred years after the French poet, Rondinone also takes up the question of identity: saturated in the many different phenomena of the world, he expresses himself multimedially, juggling possible forms of his existence: high and low, art and commerce, fashionably hip affirmation and melancholy withdrawal from the world, seduction and rejection, the routine of daily life and highly exaggerated contrasting worlds - a balancing act of ambiguities. This book shows Rondinone's work from the past six years, presenting the variety of his artistic media: diaries in the style of underground comics, the banality of everyday life on unedited never-ending videotapes, hypnotising circle pictures, clowns, hermetic spatial installations and monumental brush and ink landscape pictures. The artist: Ugo Rondinone, born 1963 in Brunnen, Switzerland. After the teachers' seminar in Schwyz, from 1985 to 1990 he attended Ernst Caramelle's master class at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 1995 and 1997/98 he had a city of Zurich studio in New York. Since autumn 1998 he has had a studio in the international studio programme P.S.1 in New York. He lives and works in Zurich and New York.