Coverbild Liz Bachhuber
Liz Bachhuber
Nesting Places
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Texts by: Anne Hoorman
German, English
October 1999 , 48 Pages
201mm x 156mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-9003-1
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Large, precisely constructed nests made of natural and waste materials are distributed around the city and suburbs of Weimar. These nests of twigs and shoots from beach and birch trees enclosed found objects such as waste bins and bicycle stands, chairs and tables, creating a bond between nature and the detritus of urban culture. Nests are symbols of home and security. Liz Bachhuber's modified nests call attention to themselves through the changes to which they are exposed. Even real birds' nests in the city today contain more than just grasses, twigs, moss and feathers. Pieces of plastic cord, aluminium foil, paper and fabrics turn up in them as well. The birds have learned to live with their altered habitats, using what seems to suit their purposes.
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