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Vladimír Houdek
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Edited by: Oliver Zybok
Texts by: Oliver Zybok, Rosa Windt, Dr. Zdenek Felix
Graphic Design: Bobbi Fleisch
German, English
March 2016 , 160 Pages
294mm x 220mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4122-4
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| Between abstraction and representation
All vision is per se already an abstraction. In terms of perception and cognition, the world does not exist in itself but for us. Like no other, Vladimír Houdek’s oeuvre demonstrates that this also applies for art. As the title Levitations metaphorically articulates, his works become an extraordinary experience for the viewer, an alternation between abstraction and representation that shifts perception into aesthetic limbo.Houdek’s paintings and drawings, collages and films play with the illusion that is achieved by means of the alleged three-dimensionality on the flat canvas. Even though the references in his works are defined by contemporary principles of geometric form, similarities to the ideas of historical precursors, such as, for example, Constructivism and their appropriation of new contexts of meaning and perception, are unmistakable. Exhibition: Mönchehaus Museum Goslar 13.2.–24.4.2016
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