Coverbild Heinz Gappmayr
Heinz Gappmayr
Aporetische Zonen. Über das Verhältnis von Schrift, Zahl und Bild zur Sprache im Werk Heinz Gappmayrs
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Texts by: Michael Rottmann
Edited by: Klocker Stiftung
Graphic Design: Gabriele Lenz, Elena Henrich
Foreword: Anton Klocker
German, English
March 2015 , 66 Pages
270mm x 199mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3919-1
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| The Klocker Foundation’s tribute to a leading representative of concrete and visual poetry
Beginning in the late fifties, Heinz Gappmayr (1925–2010) developed an artistic concept that elevated language itself to become an art object. In more than five thousands works on paper, photographs, works in public space, and publications, Gappmayr liberated language from its function as a reference to external reality and concentrated instead on its concrete reality and materiality. The artist participated in a lively exchange with the contemporary art scene and was an important source of inspiration for museums, galleries, academies, and science.  At the heart of the volume is the essay “Aporetic Zones” on the relation of writing, numbers, and images to language: author Michael Rottmann, ideally equipped to do so as an art historian and mathematician, compiles a differentiated portrait of this extraordinary artist.
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