Coverbild Wang Guangle
Wang Guangle
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Texts by: Philip Tinari, Thomas Berghuis, Bao Dong
Graphic Design: Xi Jiajia
Edited by: Christoph Noe
October 2014 , 172 Pages , 0 Ills.
299mm x 241mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3825-5
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Wang Guangle (* 1976) creates paintings that convey a radiating sense of spirituality through a balance of elements that suggest timelessness and contempo­raneity. The passing of time is a theme underlying much of his work, and his canvases also serve the function of a personal archive. Two of his recent se­ries are Terrazzo and Coffin Paint. In the first Wang’s striking abstract paintings are based on a unique mo­tif: detailed and meticulously rendered terrazzo floors in a varying array of colors. These images take weeks to develop, and the results readily recall the Color Field Painting of Abstract Expressionism. The Coffin Paint series is inspired by a tradition originating from his native region of Fujian, where it was once custom­ary for sixty-year-olds to buy their own casket and subsequently cover it with a new layer of Chinese lac­quer once a year—in a joyous celebration of longevity. The artist uses a related technique to develop paint­ings of an almost sculptural nature that convey im­mense spatial depth.
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