Coverbild Visionen
Atmosphären der Veränderung
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Texts by: Wolfgang Ullrich, Dr. Michael Kröger, David Ganz, Roland Nachtigäller, Jutta Zaremba, Oliver Zybok, Katrinette Bordarwé, Christoph Laue, Robert Wilson
Graphic Design: Jenna Gesse
Edited by: Marta Herford gGmbH
German, English
June 2013 , 352 Pages
280mm x 213mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3611-4
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| First publication on the phenomenon of visions in contemporary art
The question of the power of visions might seem a surprising one in our pragmatic day and age, yet considering the prevailing lack of orientation and various future scenarios it seems all the more urgent. What distinguishes the vision of utopia? What sort of energies make up its foundation and are available for actively shaping life? Inspired by the first vision of the Virgin Mary north of the Alps in Herford in the tenth century, this unique publication takes readers on an unconventional, highly exciting journey through numerous contexts and phenomena, allowing them to sense the spirit and atmosphere of visionary thought and creativity. The works presented show the numerous facets of a phenomenon and palpably demonstrate its relevance for contemporary art. Artists featured (selection): Franz Ackermann, Francis Alÿs, Benjamin Bergmann, Michaël Borremans, Guillaume Bruère, Mel Chin, Walter Dahn, Christoph Dettmeier, Felix Droese, Carola Ernst, Andrea Fogli, Andrew Gilbert, Lothar Götz, Jana Gunstheimer, David Hammons, Steven C. Harvey, Jeppe Hein, Peggy & Thomas Henke, Christian Jankowski, Almut Linde, Christof Mascher, E. S. Mayorga, Gianni Motti, Matt Mullican, Mwangi Hutter, Panamarenko, Dan Perjovschi, Ulrich Pester, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Werner Reiterer, Thomas Ruff, Andreas Slominski, Johanna Tiedtke, Jorinde Voigt, Lawrence Weiner Exhibition schedule: Marta Herford, May 25–September 8, 2013
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