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Von Goethe bis Ringelnatz. Und Herta Müller
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Edited by: Dr. Ulrich Luckhardt
Texts by: Barbara Naumann, Gerda Wendermann, Friederike Schmidt-Möbus, Ernest Wichner, Dr. Ulrich Luckhardt, Ejnar Stig Askgard, Frank Möbus, Alexander Bastek, Karl-Ludwig Hofmann, Edgar Pankow, Christmut Präger, Lisa Schmökel, Herta Müller, Herwig Guratzsch
Graphic Design: Harald Richter
May 2013 , 360 Pages
282mm x 221mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3601-5
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Multitalented artists are not rarities. Again and again creative people have distinguished themselves in media unrelated to their original professions. Poets who have made their mark with the written word have often developed independent works of visual art, expanding the spectrum of their creativity. In this treatment, paintings and drawings stand side-by-side with the written work, showing previously little-known, new facets and the same kind of creative thought. Examples of the symbiosis between linguistic and visual forms of expression include works by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hans Christian Andersen, Victor Hugo, George Sand, Wilhelm Busch, and Joachim Ringelnatz. The word-text collages by Herta Müller are a special example of the contemporary balancing act between language and imagination. Authors featured (selection): Hans Christian Andersen, Wilhelm Busch, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Victor Hugo, Justinus Kerner, Herta Müller, Joachim Ringelnatz, George Sand, Paul Scheerbart, August Strindberg Exhibition schedule: Altes Rathaus, Ingelheim, April 28–July 7, 2013 | Museum Behnhaus/Drägerhaus, Lübeck, July 27–October 20, 2013
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