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Welt des Flüchtigen
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Texts by: Werner Busch, Johannes Stückelberger, Herta Wolf, Thomas Ballhausen, Paul E. Wagner, Bernhard Greiner, Dr. Franz Smola, Franzobel, Stefan Kutzenberger, Chiara Galbusera, Tobias G. Natter, Birgit Summerauer
Edited by: Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung, Tobias G. Natter, Dr. Franz Smola
Graphic Design: Nina Haider, Alexandra Mitsche
March 2013 , 368 Pages , 0 Ills.
286mm x 243mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3588-9
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|Ethereally light or gloomily threatening– the fascination of clouds, from the artist’s point of view
Whether cirrus, cumulus, or stratus: endlessly changing and barely tangible, clouds in the sky have always fascinated humans. Since the early 19th century many artists have focused their interest on images of clouds, as can be seen in this richly illustrated volume of masterpieces by such diverse artists as Caspar David Friedrich, John Constable, William Turner, Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, Ferdinand Hodler, Gustav Klimt, Emil Nolde, René Magritte, Edward Steichen, and Gerhard Richter. This publication attests to the sheer, endless number of associations that artists from the Romantic era to the present day have connected with the phenomenon of clouds; it spans the arc from the cloud as ornament to “Cloud Seven,” from the “Discovery of Clouds” to artificially manufactured cloud formations, telling of metamorphoses and of “uncanny beauty,” and even discovering the “cloud of sound.” Exhibition schedule: Leopold Museum, Vienna, March 22, 2013–July 1, 2013
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