Coverbild Petra WittmarMedebach
Petra WittmarMedebach
Fotografien 2009-2011
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Graphic Design: Petra Wittmar
Edited by: Die Photographische Sammlung / SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln, in Zusammenarbeit mit Petra Wittmar
Contributions: Gabriele Conrath-Scholl
German, English
May 2013 , 144 Pages , 0 Ills.
303mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3543-8
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| Medebach: a documentation of German reality
Multiple-family homes, garages, farms, small industrial buildings. The sidewalks are swept, the front yards are mowed, the hedges meticulously pruned. In her latest four-color photo series, Petra Wittmar (*1955 in Medebach, Hochsauerland), graduate of the Folkwangschule in Essen, captures the apparent dreariness, despite its orderliness, of her hometown from a perspective that is as dauntless as it is distanced. Her pictures are exemplary of the everyday face of a small country town in the German province: alongside the occasional store one sees absurdly strange pieces of architecture—a Mediterranean villa, an Alpine chalet, a small high-rise. New housing developments, permanently half-empty. A couple of vacant lots and playing fields where children live out their childhoods. In Schulstrasse, a tempting, red chewing gum vending machine. Ruffled curtains are flaunted in the windows; wrought-iron bars block the path to freedom.
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