Anna K.E. A well-to-do man is cruising in his fancy car when a small hen runs out on the road in front.

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Texts by: Anne Barlow, Dr. Doris Krystof, Gianni Jetzer, Gia Edzgveradze Graphic Design: Petra Hollenbach Edited by: Sabine Becker, Gia Edzgveradze German, English 2012, 134 Pages, 96 Ills. Hardcover 281mm x 219mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3476-9
| The first monograph on the rising star on the international art scene

With remarkable ease and in the briefest amount of time, Anna K.E. (Anna Kapanadze Edzgveradze, *1986 in Tiflis) has inscribed herself into the art world with her singular pictorial vocabulary. Born into a family of artists, the young Georgian began life with a single-minded creative drive. Her multifaceted oeuvre has the kind of provisional grace that is usually allotted to mature late works, and encompasses drawings, sculptures, installations, prints, performances, and videos. This publication presents works of art created since 2002; it is not chronologically structured but oriented toward individual groups of works. The comprehensive presentation of the artist’s oeuvre shifts attention to the question of how each of the different media reveal their individual physical presence. Accompanying texts shed light on the significance of physicality in the artist’s style and her media-hybrid creations.