Stefan Thiel Cuts

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Edited by: Oliver Zybok Graphic Design: Palla Grafik Design, Stefan Thiel German, English November 2012, 140 Pages, 109 Ills. Softcover 290mm x 230mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3415-8
| Shadows of visual media worlds in paper cut-outs

The cutout technique has been enjoying a renaissance in contemporary art recently. Yet cutouts are no longer done exclusively with scissors; they can also be made through mechanical means and can take on sculptural shapes. Stefan Thiel (*1965 in Berlin) employs a scalpel and an elaborate process to cut out delicate visual objects depicting people, everyday scenes, architecture, and landscapes from his own photographs and drawings as well as famous films. While most of his works are reduced to the process of contrasting black and white, they also reproduce complicated images of woven objects—such as fishnet stockings, spider webs, streamers, and barbed wire—down to the last detail. This publication presents the artist’s work and its references to art history, especially to gouaches découpées by Henri Matisse and Cubist papiers collés.