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Antonio Saura
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Edited by: Archives antonio saura, Olivier Weber-Caflisch, Bernard Dieterle
Graphic Design: Archives antonio saura
July 2012 , 424 Pages
1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3410-3
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As a successor to Diego Vélasquez, Francisco de Goya, and Pablo Picasso, Antonio Saura (1930–1998) continued the multifaceted Spanish art tradition through his colorful, expressive oeuvre, which is full of contemporary critical allusions and an independent, influential formal vocabulary. This publication unfolds the universe of this multitalented artist for the reader. All of the texts are by Saura himself, resulting in an authentic glossary of the central aspects of his body of work. The artist explains his preferred techniques, such as grattage, as well as various iconographic references in his works, using key words such as narration, puzzle, or cocktail party. He also discusses the genesis of numerous portraits and his relationships to his subjects, the process of depicting the head and face in general, and describes his exploration of literary works and their illustration.
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