To the Museum of Modern Dreams Künstlerpositionen der 1960er- bis 1980er-JahreZu Ehren zweier außergewöhnlicher Stiftungen

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Texts by: Dr. Corinna Höper Edited by: Freunde der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart - Stuttgarter Galerieverein e.V. Graphic Design: Atelier Sternstein German 2012, 124 Pages, 80 Ills. Softcover 268mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3368-7
| Works on paper in a dialogue with paintings and sculptures

With the bequest from Günther and Renate Hauff in 2003 and the Konrad Kohlhammer Stiftung (founded in 1986) over 2500 etchings and other prints are in the possession of the Freunde der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and have now become part of the museum’s collection of prints. These works on paper correspond in unusual ways with the paintings and sculptures in the collection at the Staatsgalerie. Groups of works are completed, contrasts are made possible, and various stages in artists’ oeuvres are visible. Named after the title of a work by British conceptual artist Robin Page, in which a picture frame breaks out of a crate, To the Museum of Modern Dreams symbolizes the museum’s opportunity to realize its dreams, thanks to the help of patrons, and to veer off the traditional path of separating different media. In ways that are more associative than categorical, this publication also combines various genres and artists from the 1906s to the1980s. Exhibition schedule: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, June 23–September 30, 2012