Neo Rauch Das Grafische Werk1993-2012

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Edited by: Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch Graphic Design: Maria Magdalena Koehn Contributions: Wolfgang Büscher German, English 2012, 200 Pages, 76 Ills. Hardcover 280mm x 198mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3310-6
| The first extensive overview of prints by the painter

As one of today’s best-known contemporary artists, Neo Rauch (*1960 in Leipzig) has created many prints in the past decades, besides his paintings and drawings. His often surreal-looking figures and visual spheres, which seem to refer to different times and places in history, can be found again in these graphic, mostly multi-colored prints. This publication presents the artist’s complete oeuvre of prints from 1993 to today, and marks his generous gift to his home town of Aschersleben. Rauch has given an edition of each of his prints to the town of his childhood and youth, located in Saxony-Anhalt. All of these works are featured in detail in this publication, showing the association between an artist’s original connection with a place and his internal creative spirit. Exhibition schedule: Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch, Aschersleben, opening June 1, 2012