Coverbild Zaha Hadid and Suprematism
Zaha Hadid and Suprematism
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Edited by: Galerie Gmurzynska
Graphic Design: Dan Dan Miller Design, New York
Texts by: Charlotte Douglas, Krystyna Gmurzynska, Alexander Lavrentiev, Melodie Leung, Andrei Nakov, Mathias Rastorfer, Kenny Schachter, Patrik Schumacher, Edwin Heathcote
Contributions: Hans Ulrich Obrist
June 2012 , 266 Pages
1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3301-4
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| Major works by the Russian avant-garde in a breathtaking exhibition design by Zaha Hadid
Zaha Hadid (*1950 in Baghdad), recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, designed and curated a groundbreaking exhibition at Zurich’s Galerie Gmurzynska, comparing works of the Russian avant-garde with those of Zaha Hadid Architects. A fierce explosion of Russian works tore through the contemporary works by the architect in a dynamic black and white design. Created specifically for the venue, the projection of a two-dimensional drawing onto a three dimensional space transformed the gallery into a spatial painting in which the threshold of the picture plane expanded and could be entered. Zaha Hadid translated the warped and weightless space of Russian avant-garde painting and sculpture by Kazimir Malevich, El Lissitzky, and Alexander Rodchenko into her very own architectural language. (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-3300-7)
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