Coverbild Ein gastliches Kunstwerk
Ein gastliches Kunstwerk
Die Zürcher Kronenhalle und ihre Sammlung
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Edited by: Dirk Boll
Texts by: Dirk Boll u. a., Dr. Christoph Becker, Kurt Aeschbacher, Bruno Bischofberger, Brida v. Castelberg, Christoph Doswald
Contributions: John M. Armleder
Graphic Design: Prof. Hans-Heinrich Ruta
October 2011 , 112 Pages
229mm x 132mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3178-2
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| The Kronenhalle in Zurich presents its art treasures
You do not have to travel far to have the pleasure of dining beneath a Chagall: it is enough to enjoy an evening on the town in Zurich. The walls of the Kronenhalle Restaurant at Bellevue Square in Zurich display showpieces from the Hulda and Gustav Zumsteg Foundation. Gustav Zumsteg (1915–2005), son of the legendary owner of the Kronenhalle, Hulda Zumsteg, and a passionate art collector, concentrated on works by classic modern artists who, along with literary figures, couturiers, and actors, frequented the brasserie and bar. At the forefront of this publication are the works of art at the Kronenhalle. It contains an essay by the editor of this impressive compilation as well as a written portrait of the collector himself. It also includes contributions by guest authors who have very personal tales to tell about their favorite pictures at the Kronenhalle. (English edition ISBN 978-3-7757-3179-9)
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