Coverbild Why I Never Became a Dancer
Why I Never Became a Dancer
Sammlung Goetz im Haus der Kunst
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Graphic Design: Schmidt/Thurner/von Keisenberg
Edited by: Ingvild Goetz, Susanne Touw, Stephan Urbaschek
Texts by: Ingvild Goetz, Dr. Cornelia Gockel, Anke Hoffmann, Karsten Löckemann, Petra Meyer, Dominikus Müller, Rainald Schumacher, Dominika Szope, Jörg Schafaff, Isabelle Vereet, Kevin McGarry, Dr. Birgit Sonna, Stephan Urbaschek
German, English
October 2011 , 124 Pages
220mm x 182mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3154-6
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| Pictures and stories on a youth spent between media society and popular culture
The former air-raid shelter at the Haus der Kunst has been transformed into a venue for the presentation of international works on video that deal with the theme of a youth spent in media society and popular culture. Facets of socialization, hybrid patterns of behavior, and international influences appear in a multiplicity of forms. The exhibition presents a fascinating combination of social and personal dimensions, providing a wealth of material that virtually demands to be explored. And it is not only present-day generations that see themselves reflected here. Tobias Zielony’s Behind the Block or Martin Brand’s Station, for instance, capture a zeitgeist that has matured out of the past. The last thirty years are also called to mind in Rosemarie Trockel’s Yvonne, Rineke Dijkstra’s The Buzzclub, Liverpool, UK / Mysteryworld, Zaandam, NL, and especially in the eponymous story by Tracey Emin, Why I Never Became a Dancer. Exhibition schedule: Goetz Collection, Haus der Kunst, Munich, September 30, 2011–April, 1, 2012
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