Aschemünder Sammlung Goetz im Haus der Kunst

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Texts by: Volker Pantenberg, Stephan Urbaschek, Ingvild Goetz, Chris Dercon, Nicholas de Oilveira, Nicola Oxley, Jan Seewald, Isabelle Vereet, Eva Wattolik, Dr. Ulrich Wilmes, Karin Hunsicker, Katrin Kaschadt, Gregor Jansen Graphic Design: STVK Edited by: Ingvild Goetz, Stephan Urbaschek, Susanne Touw German, English April 2011, 116 Pages, 297 Ills. Softcover 222mm x 181mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2974-1
| Video art from the Goetz Collection on the theme of war and violence

This publication marks the beginning of a collaboration involving the Goetz Collection and the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Since they are working with a new venue in the old bunker at the Haus der Kunst, it seemed only logical for the first exhibition there to deal with the themes of war and violence, in both a narrower and a broader sense. Video works by fourteen international artists, many containing biographical references, were singled out from the collection for the catalogue. The works range from Juan Manuel Echavarría’s eponymous installation Bocas de Ceniza (Mouths of Ash), which explores the devastating results of the drug wars in South America; and Marcel Odenbach’s In stillen Teichen lauern Krokodile (Crocodiles Lurk in Still Ponds), which deals with the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and what it left in its wake; to Tracey Moffatt’s Night Cries—A Rural Tragedy, whose theme is the aftermath of British colonization and repression of the aborigines. Exhibition schedule: Haus der Kunst, Munich, April 10–September 4, 2011