Coverbild Aiwasowski
Maler des Meeres
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Edited by: Dr. Ingried Brugger, Lisa Kreil
Graphic Design: Gabriele Sabolewski
Texts by: Hartmut Böhme, Tetiana Gaiduk, Florian Steininger, Iwan Samarine, Lisa Kreil, Dr. Ingried Brugger
March 2011 , 168 Pages , 0 Ills.
306mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2781-5
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| Exhaustive presentation of the dynamic seascapes by the “Russian Turner”
The Russian-Armenian painter Ivan Konstantinovitch Aivasovski (1817–1900) enjoyed international fame and rose to become a legend in his own lifetime, yet in the West only few are familiar with his work today. Although raised in ordinary circumstances, he even advanced to become court painter to Czar Nicholas I. On the basis of a selection of the painter’s most famous seascapes, this monograph provides the reader with insight into Aivasovski’s extensive oeuvre, relating it both to Netherlandish maritime as well as Romantic European landscape painting.The ship on the high seas in Aivasovski’s paintings is always an allegory of some kind: calm, watery surfaces reflecting light from the sun or moon alternate with roaring storms and tumultuous surf—palpable symbols for life’s perils. Coastlines and stretches of land, shipwreck motifs, mythological scenes, as well as highly dynamic images of waves that virtually catapult the viewer straight into the picture are also part of his repertoire.
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