Migropolis Venice / Atlas of a Global Situation

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Author: Wolfgang Scheppe, IUAV Class on Politics of Representation Contributions: Giorgio Agamben, Valeria Burgio, Wolfgang Scheppe English 2009, 1344 Pages, 2078 Ills. Hardcover, 2 volumes in slipcase 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2485-2
| DAM Architectural Book Award 2010

In winter 2006, under the aegis of philosopher Wolfgang Scheppe, a collective of students from theIUAV University in Venice fanned out to subject their city to a process of forensic structural mapping. Out of this field work, conducted in the Situationist tradition, there developed a three-year urban project that produced an enormous archive comprising tens of thousands of photographs, case studies, movement profiles, and statistic data. In this archive, Venice, the place of longing at the junction of three migration corridors, emerges as a front-line European city and an exemplary prototype of the increasingly globalized city in which a decimated inner-city population meets armies of tourists and a parallel economy supported by illegal immigrants.In a map cleverly branching out into essays, visual arguments, data visualizations, and interviews, the globalized territory of Venice is microscopically dissected and defined as an urban metaphor: the city becomes an “atlas of a global situation.” Exhibition schedule: Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice , October 8—December 8, 2009

»It doesn’t seem possible that a single book could create a complete cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic profile of a city, but ‘Migropolis: Venice/Atlas of a Global Situation’ does just that, in a comprehensive, complex, and beautiful way.«