The Shanghai Papers

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Texts by: Henk Slager, Julian Heynen, Zhang Qing, Annette W. Balkema, Xiang Liping English November 2008, 136 Pages, 60 Ills. Softcover 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2322-0

“Better City, Better Life?” is the motto of the next International Exposition, which will take place in Shanghai in 2010, and it is also the focus of the 2008 Shanghai Biennale. The exhibition’s theme is China’s increasing urbanization, the rapid expansion of ever larger numbers of big cities, and the sociocultural revolutions that go hand in hand with this development. Its curators focus on people and the specific circumstances of their lives in this dynamic urban environment.This assembly of texts accompanying the Shanghai Biennale features material on urbanization and the problems closely associated with it: migration, identity, and globalization. The book also contains comments by all 612 of the participating artists on this complex of themes and the works they are showing. Exhibition schedule: Shanghai Biennale, September 9–November 16, 2008