Philip Taaffe The Life of Forms. Works 1980-2008

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Edited by: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg Texts by: Dr. Holger Broeker, Kay Heymer, Markus Brüderlin, Philip Taaffe Contributions: Brooks Adams English 2008, 240 Pages, 222 Ills. Hardcover 316mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2121-9
"What do I want my art to accomplish? ... I think the best thing one can hope for is to be able to enter into another world." (Philip Taaffe)

American artist Philip Taaffe(*1955 in Elizabeth, New Jersey) aims to recreate Paradise as a visual experience in his splendid paintings. Taaffe became internationally known as part of the Appropriation art movement in the early eighties, combining abstract and ornamental art. Ever since, he has been developing an international vocabulary of abstraction, turning the ornamental art of very different cultures—Arabic, Celtic, Pre-Columbian, Asian, and many others—into a kind of “international ornamental art” within the quadratic confines of the canvas. In a world dominated by a tendency toward globalization, Taaffe proves to be a mediator between cultures, since his process emphasizes the individuality of each one.

This monograph provides an overview of the artist’s entire oeuvre, with all works presented in full-page color plates. (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-2120-2)


Exhibition schedule: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, March 8–June 29, 2008