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Lars Ø. Ramberg
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Texts by: Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk, Claudia Lenz, Arild Hartmann Eriksen, Andrea Kroksnes, Getrud Sandqvist, Jennifer Allen
Contributions: José Roca
German, English
September 2008 , 248 Pages , 0 Ills.
1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2038-0
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Since 1992, Lars Ø Ramberg (*1964 in Oslo) has been critically engaged with themes such as national identity, symbolic architecture, and language, concerned with their role as collective frames of reference; he either works with and manipulates an extant history, or questions the dominant method of documenting it. These examinations—both conceptual and theoretical, but nonetheless subjective and emotional—are presented to the public in the same context in which they were conceived, drawing the viewer into the discourse.Works such as Palast des Zweifels (Palace of Doubt) in Berlin and his design for Liberté, a national monument commemorating the 100th anniversary of Norway’s independence, resulted in invitations to the biennials in São Paulo and Venice. This volume is the first to present Ramberg’s important works alongside explanations of their background, the processes of their creation, and the often controversial public reactions to them.
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