Wawrzyniec Tokarski

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Texts by: Christian Rattemeyer, Dr. Ralph Melcher, Christoph Blase, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz Edited by: Dr. Ralph Melcher German, English, French 2007, 204 Pages, 114 Ills. Softcover 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2000-7
“You Know What You Have to Do. Thank You.” Title of one of Tokarski’s exhibitions

The art of Polish painter Wawrzyniec Tokarski (*1968 in Gdansk) eludes easy interpretation. Critical of consumerism and skeptical of culture, his paintings investigate the increasing destruction of the environment with surprising juxtapositions of text and symbols from heraldry and advertising. Social tendencies are monitored precisely and uncompromisingly in his critique of the superficiality of the media world. This sarcastic, skeptical stance in Tokarski’s political imagery suggests an attempt—stubborn and against all reason—to get a reaction from the viewer who has been deadened by media images, and perhaps even move him to protest. Exhibition schedule: Saarlandmuseum Saarbrücken, Moderne Galerie, May 19–July 15, 2007