Swiss Made: Precision and Madness Swiss Art from Hodler to Hirschhorn

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Edited by: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg Foreword: Markus Brüderlin Texts by: Martin Heller, Michael Schindhelm, Julia Wallner, Max Wechsler, Beat Wyss, Michael Gamper English April 2007, 180 Pages, 135 Ills. Hardcover 317mm x 251mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1963-6

In Swiss Made there is finally a standard-setting publication that describes the movements and individual artists of twentieth-century Swiss art, and traces their development to the present day. Oscillating between precision and madness, works from »distinguished old« Swiss artists are compared with contemporary works from the past forty years—by artists such as Max Bill and John M Armleder, Ferdinand Hodler and Urs Lüthi, Alberto Giacometti and Rémy Zaugg, Louis Soutter and Martin Disler.
Opposing the famous Swiss tendency toward precision and order is the view of the world— supported by the lack of space (Paul Nizon)—that tends toward obstinacy and chaos. The age of globalization adds new and different meaning to an examination of regional characteristics and the re-evaluation of the term “homeland.” Other Helvetic pairs engaged in a dialogue concerning the times are Robert Müller and Sylvie Fleury, Paul Klee and Silvia Bächli, Adolph Wölfli and Ugo Rondinone. (Deutsche Ausgabe ISBN 978-3-7757-1962-9)


Exhibition schedule: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Swiss Made I March 3–June 24, 2007, Swiss Made II July 7–October 21, 2007